RTT Specializes in Consulting & Technical Services for the Multi-Modal Transportation Industry

Millions of people use public transportation in the United States every day. Many thousands of those have used the services of a client of Rail and Transit Technologies. We are a essays-buy.com essays-buy.com skilled and experienced provider of consulting and technical support in the multi-modal transportation sector, providing services to dozens of clients both domestic and international.


Rail & Transit Technologies offers services to your transportation authorities, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors in two capacities: consultation and technical support. Our President has over 30 years of industry experience. Still coming up with personnel or other issues? We also offer full project and construction management services.

What We Do


  • Project Management
  • On-site Qualified Signal Personnel
  • Project Management Oversight (PMO)
  • Cost Estimating

Technical Support

  • Liaison with Federal and state agencies
  • Interface with U.S. Congress and State Legislatures
  • Transportation Planning Services

U.S. Patent No.US 6,958,709
B2-Method System
Storage Medium For Integrating Vehicle Management, Transportation and Communications Functions

Maybe you’ve seen us in action with some of our clients:

RTT Public Service Affiliations

In addition, Michael Izbicki (President, RTT):
  • Has served on numerous boards for planning, conservation and zoning
  • Served as an expert witness for the CA high speed rail project
  • Worked on several US electrification projects