Our Clients

At Rail & Transit Technologies, we like to think of ourselves as a versatile company, working with all different types of transit organizations. Our clients fit into three main categories:


Large Engineering Firms

In this situation, RTT is involved in a contracting or joint venture capacity. These firms are bidding on transportation construction projects that are federally funded. Our expertise is used in the design and planning of these projects.

State Agencies

Many states are outsourcing the requirements of their engineering and management projects. These are mainly contractual agreements, where the agency will choose RTT to handle all of their value engineering, risk management, and consultation needs.

Transit Authorities

Transit authorities are responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of all public transportation, including bus, essaysbuy.com essaysbuy.com rail, and subway. These Authorities are funded by and answerable to federal, state, and municipal agencies. RTT is brought in to provide construction support and infrastructure maintenance.